Updated: 31.12.21


Belgian Shepherds and Schipperkes


We live in a beautiful cottage approx. 35 km from Dublin in the village of Kilcullen which is situated on the edge of the Curragh Plains, Co Kildare, famous for horse-racing and home to many of the top horse trainers and stud farms.   Plenty of space for the dogs to explore and enjoy!



The Curragh is perhaps the oldest and most extensive tract of semi-natural grassland in Europe, having existed as such for over two thousand years. It is possibly the only landscape of its kind in the world consisting of a mainly unenclosed flat to gentle rolling plain of 4,870 acres. Following the War of Independence and signing of the Treaty of 1921, the lands passed from the British Crown to the new Irish Government and is now administered by the Department of Defence

Tradition has it that the great plain was handed over to St. Brigid of Kildare in the year 480 AD. The Curragh is closely related to many neighbouring historical sites. To the south is Dun Ailainne, a national monument dating back to 300 BC and the seat of the Kings of Leinster. To the north, is the Hill of Allen where, it is claimed, Fionn Mac Cumhaill and the Fianna assembled.

The Curragh has been the scene of horse racing for hundreds of years and golf was first played on the Curragh in 1852. Apart from its support to the bloodstock industry the provision of grazing for 6,000 breeding ewes annually makes the Curragh a major contributor to theagricultural economy. The area is also used extensively by the military for training and there is increasing public demand for amenity facilities.

The Department of Defence also makes available lands at the Curragh for various sporting activities. In 1994, the Curragh played a major part in attracting the 'Braveheart' film project to Ireland and the lands were used extensively during filming.