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'nih-aitheantas go h-aointios' .... 'to know beauty one must live with it' " old Irish proverb

CH, BISS Revloch Ready Teddy Go To Whitandon

4th Top Dog in Group 1 in 2012
Runner Up Top Veteran (All Breeds) 2012
Joint Top Veteran (All Breeds) 2011
Annual Champion '05, '07; '08, '09, '10, '11, '12
Celtic Winner '06, '08, '09,'10; 13; EW'09

Best in Show BSD Club of Ireland Ch Show 2010
European Winner 2009


Born 10.05.03

Owned By Eamon and Ann White

Owned by Eamonn & Ann White


Born 10.05.03

Best in Show BSD Club Show May 2010

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 Date ShowJudge Award
06.07.13 Bray Ch Show Mrs A Taggart 1st Ch Dog, GS and BOB
29.06.13 Kilkenny Ch ShowMr R Butler (Aus) 1st Ch Dog, GS and BOB 
15.06.13 Swords Ch Show Mrs R Wagner (Lux) 1st Ch Dog, GS and BOB 
18.05.13 Hibernian Ch Show Mr S Minogue 1st Ch Dog, GS and BOB 
14.04.13Banbridge Ch Show Mrs. R. Kadike Skadina
1st Ch Dog, GS and BOB 
13.04.13 Portadown Ch Show Mrs J Foley (Ire)1st Ch Dog, GS and Res BOB 
16.03.13 IKC Celtic Winner Mrs H Salmon Wilson (Ire) 1st Ch Dog, GS, BOB, Celtic Winner '13.  1st in Veteran Stakes 
27.12.12 Dublin Dog Show Mrs B Doyle (Ire) 1st Ch Dog, GS, BOB and shortlisted in Group
29.10.12 Bull Breeds Ch Show Mr P Doyle (Ire) 1st Ch Dog, GS, BOB and 2nd Veteran Stakes 
20.10.12Portadown Ch Show Ms C Robinson (N Ire)1st Champion Dog, GS, BOB  and Veteran Stakes Winner
 29.09.12Belfast Ch Show (UK) Mr M Saunders1st Open Dog, Best Dog and BOB
23.09.12 IKC National Show Mr M Zidar (Slov) 1st Champion Dog, GS, BOB and shortlisted in Group.  Veteran Stakes 2nd
 22.09.12 IKC International ShowMr P Harsanyi (Hung) 1st Champion Dog, GS, CACIB and BOB 
15.09.12 Carlow Ch Show Mr S Delmar (Ire) 1st Champion Dog, GS and BOB 
 25.08.12Tralee Ch ShowMs E Liljekvist Borg (Swe) 1st Champion Dog, GS, BOB and Group 3rd
 23.08.12Limerick Ch Show Mr P Farrell (Ire)  1st Champion Dog, GS, BOB and Group 4th
 18.08.12 Navan Dog Show Mrs J Owens-Poole (Ire) 1st Champion Dog, GS and BOB
 11,08.12 Bangor Ch Show Mr D Timmins (Ire) 1st Champion Dog, GS, BOB and Group 1st
14.07.12 Irish Ladies Kennel Assoc Mr J R Walsh (Ire) 1st Champion Dog, GS, BOB, Group 3rd and Best Veteran in Show 
07.07.12 Bray & DistrictMrs D  Carroll (Ire) 1st Champion Dog, GS, BOB Group 1st, BIS 3 and Best Veteran in Show 
01.07.12Deise Ch Show Mrs A White (Ire)1st Champion Dog, GS and BOB
30.06.12Kilkenny Ch Show Mr O Noonan (Ire) 1st Champion Dog, GS and BOB 
16.06.12 BSD Club of Ireland SpecialityMr P Bottagisio (It) 1st Veteran Dog
16.06.12 Swords & District Ms B Kremser (Lat) 1st Champion Dog, Res GS 
19.05.12Hibernian Ch Show Mrs E Drennan (Ire) 1st Champion, GS and BOB 
06.05.12 South Tipp Ch Show  Mrs. R. Gows1st Champion, GS and BOB and 4th in Veteran Stakes 
05.05.12  Fermoy International Show Mr. E. Deutscher (Austria)1st Champion, GS, CACIB and shortlisted in Group
07.04.12Combined Canine International ShowMr S Hourihan (Ire) 1st Champion, GS, CACIB and 1st in Veteran Stakes
 27.12.11 Dublin Dog Show Mr D McKenna (Ire)1st Champion, GS, BOB and 1st in Veteran Stakes 
 25.09.11 Belfast Ch Show (UK)Ms. F. Kaye (UK) 1st Open, Best of Breed and 3rd in Veteran Stakes 
 17.09.11 Carlow Ch ShowMs E Nealy (Ire)1st Champion, Green Star, BOB, 3rd in Group 1 and 3rd Veteran Stakes 
28.08.11 BSD Club of Ireland Speciality Mrs J Ralph (UK) 1st Champion, Res Green Star 
28.008.11 IKC National Show Mrs J Melchior (Lux) 1st Champion, Green Star, BOB and Veteran Stakes Winner 
27.08.11IKC International Show Mr K Litov (Bulg) 1st Champion 
13.08.11 Navan Dog Show Ms K Lawless (Ire) 1st Champion, Green Star, BOB, 
31.07.11 Monkstown Ch Show Mrs A Cuthbert (Ire) 1st Champion, Green Star, BOB,  
30.07.11 Bangor Ch Show Mr J Wauben (Ned) 1st Champion, Green Star, BOB,  
16.07.11  Sligo Ch ShowMs E Erikson (Swe)1st Champion, Green Star, BOB,
02.07.11 Bray Ch Show  1st Champion, Green Star, BOB, Group 2nd and Veteran Stakes 2nd
26.06.11 Deise Ch Show Mrs M Spinks (Ire) 1st Champion, Green Star, BOB and Veteran Stakes Winner  
25.06.11 Kilkenny Ch Show Mrs A Indergard (Nor) 1st Champion, Green Star, BOB and Veteran Stakes 4th  
18.06.11 Swords Ch Show Mr. P. Asensi Peinado 1st Champion, Green Star, BOB and Veteran Stakes 2nd  
04.06.11 Munster Canine Mr J. Keohoe (Ire) 1st Champion, Green Star, Res BOB and Veteran Stakes Winner 
 08.01.11Champion of Champions Final Mrs Alicia Pennington (UK) Shortlisted listed to the Final Six 
16.10.10 Portadown Ch Show Ms M Ten Cate (Ned) 1st Champion,  Green Star, Res BOB
12.09.10 IKC National Show Mr J Meehan (Ire)  1st Champion, Green Star, Res BOB  
 11.09.10IKC International Show Mrs D Dineen (Ire)   1st Champion, Green Star, BOB  & 3rd in Group
 14.08.10Navan Group Ch Show Mrs B Ladd (Ire) 1st Champion, Green Star, BOB  
07.08.10  Bangor Ch Show 1st Champion, Green Star, BOB  
 01.08.10Monkstown Ch Show Mr M McCarthy (Ire) 1st Champion, Green Star, BOB 
04.07.10 Irish Ladies Ch Show Mr J McCartan (Ire) 1st Champion, Green Star, BOB and 3rd in Group
 03.07.10Bray Ch Show   1st Champion, Green Star, BOB and shortlisted in Group
26.06.10 Kilkenny Ch Show Mr P Lawless (Ire)  1st Champion, Green Star, BOB and 1st in Champion Stakes
06.06.10 Cork & District   1st Champion, Green Star, BOB  
 05.06.10Munster Canine Ch Show    1st Champion, Green Star, BOB 
 30.05.10BSD Club Show Mr G Christensen (Den)  1st Champion Dog, Green Star, BOB  and BEST IN SHOW
14.05.10  Hibernian Ch ShowMr J Walsh (Ire) 1st Champion, Green Star, BOB 
02.05.10 South Tipp Ch Show Mr P Reynolds (Can)  1st Champion, Green Star, RBOB 
 01.05.10Fermoy International Mrs G Gulhansen (NZ) 1st Champion, Green Star, CACIB, BOB  
 18.04.10Banbridge Ch Show Mrs P Dempsey (Ire)  1st Ch Dog, Green Star, CACIB BOB
03.04.10 Combined Canine International Show Mr T Bystrom (Nor)  1st Ch Dog, Green Star, CACIB Res BOB
 17.03.10IKC St Patk's Celtic Winner Mr M Leonard (Ire)  1st Ch Dog, Green Star, BOB & CELTIC WINNER
28.1209  Dublin Dog ShowMr N Burke (Ire) 1st Ch Dog, Green Star, BOB & GROUP 1 
 27.09.09Belfast Ch Show (UK) Dr G Curr (UK)  1st Open Dog, BEST DOG, BOB AND PASTORAL GROUP 2
19.09.09 Carlow Ch Show Dr G Kieser (Ger)1st Champion Male, Green Star, BOB  
05/09/09 Drogheda Ch Show Mr O Noonan  (Ire)1st Champion Male, Green Star, BOB & 4TH IN GROUP
 22.08.09Tralee Ch Show Mr J Eberhardt  2nd Champion male, Res Green Star   
 20.08.09Limerick Ch Show  Mrs M Butler (Ire) 1st Champion male, Green Star, BOB    
 15.08.09 Navan Group 1, 2, 5 Ch Show Mr C Fynmore (Aus)  2nd Champion male, Res Green Star   
08.08.09 Bangor Ch ShowMrs M Burke (Ire)  1st Champion male, Green Star, BOB    
 02.08.09Monkstown International Show  Mrs J Fynmore (Aus) 1st Champion male, Res Green Star, Res CACIB    
 18/07/09 Sligo Ch ShowMr B Blount (Ire)   1st Champion, Green Star, BOB
 05/07/09ILKA Ch Show  Mr M Webb (Ire)  1st Champion, Green Star, BOB
04/07/09 Bray Ch Show Mr S O'Brien (Ire)  1st Champion, Green Star, BOB and shortlisted in Group
 29/05/09EUROPEAN WINNER SHOW, DUBLIN Marie Talvitie (Fin) 1st Champion, Green Star, CACIB, Res BOB EUROPEAN WINNER 2009 
24/05/09 BSD Club Show Mr D Spryut (Belg) 2nd Champion 
16/05/09  Hibernian Ch ShowDr M Collins (N Ire) 1st Champion Green Star, BOB  and GROUP 3  
03/05/09 Fermoy International Show Mr H McGuickan (N. Ire)  1st Champion Green Star, CACIB, BOB
02/05/09 South Tipp Ch Show  Mrs L. Campion (Ire)1st Champion Green Star, BOB 
17/03/09 IKC Celtic Winner Mr S Rooney (Ire) 1st Champion Green Star, BOB and Celtic Winner '09 
27/12/08  Dublin Dog Show Society Ch ShowMr J Bone (N Ire) 1st Champion Green Star, BOB  and GROUPß  
06/12/08 Banbridge Ch Show Mr K Baldwin (UK) 1st Champion Res Green Star 
15/11/08 Cloghran Ch Show Mrs M Campbell  (Ire) 1st Champion Green Star, BOB  and GROUP 1  
27/10/08 Bull Breeds Ch Show Mrs C A Aherne(Ire) 1st Champion Green Star, BOB  and shortlisted in Group
 20/09/08Carlow Ch Show Mr B Spoljaric (Cro)1st Champion Green Star, Res BOB
23/08/08 Tralee Ch Show Mr C Liepman (USA) 2nd Champion Res Green Star  
21/08/08 Limerick Ch SHow Ms. E. Liljekvist Borg (Swe) 2nd Champion 
16/08/08 Navan Group 1 Ch Show Mrs J Hartus (Fin) 1st Champion Green Star, BOB  and GROUPá  
06/07/08 Irish Ladies Ch Show Mr C Hastings (Ire) 1st Champion Green Star, BOB  and GROUPÞ 
 05/07/08Bray Ch Show Mrs C Alton (UK) 1st Champion Green Star, BOB  and GROUPá  
29/06/08 Deise Ch Show Mr T Petit (Ire) 1st Champion Green Star, BOB  and GROUPÞ  
28/06/08 Kilkenny Ch Show Mr J Wauben (Ned) 1st Champion Green Star, BOB   
21/06/06 Swords International Show *AST Club Show Mr J Hindse (Den)1st Champion Green Star, CACIB, BOB 
15/06/06 Munster Canine Ch Show Mr J Muldoon(Ire) 1st Champion Res Green Star
 31/05/08IKC International Show Mr P Dondina (It) 1st Champion Res Green Star, CACIB 
25/05/08 BSD Club of Ireland Speciality  Mrs B Ladd (Ire) 1st Champion Res Green Star 
 17/05/08Hibernian International Show Ms L Oklescen (Slov) 1st Champion Green Star, CACIB, BOB   
04/05/08 South Tipp Ch Show Mr Z Trainin (Israel) 1st Champion Green Star, BOB  and GROUPß   
 03/05/08Fermoy International Show Mr G Jensen (Nor) 1st Champion Res Green Star, CACIB 
24/2/08 Newtownards Ch Show Dr M Collins (NI) 1st Champion Green Star, BOB  and GROUPá   
17/11/07 Cloghran Ch Show Mr F Watts (N Ire) 1st Champion Green Star, BOB  and GROUPß 
30/10/07 Bull Breeds Ch Show Mrs A Doyle (Ire) 1st Champion Green Star, BOB   
20/10/08 Portadown Ch Show  Mr L Murray (Ire)1st Champion Res Green Star