Belgian Shepherds and Schipperkes



MULTI CH Diego du Pre du Vieux Pont at Revloch



Born: 08.11.08

Hips: 4:7 = 11

Eyes: Clear Jan '10

Seizure Free

Owned by: Revloch


Junior Champion

Joint Annual Champion 2009
Celtic Winner 2010
BOB & World Winner 2010 (Den)
Best Female and Veteran World Winner 2018 (NED)
CRUFTS CC Winner 2011 (UK)
Speciality Best in Show Winner (Holland & UK)
9 CC's, 3 Res CC's

Dam of the Revloch 'F', 'I' 'L' and 'N' litters


IR/GB/LUX CH Xanova Magique Noir avec Revloch

* Specialist Judge

Amsterdam Winner (Ned)
 Mrs L A Jensen (Den)
 1st Champion Bitch, CAC, CACIB, Amsterdam Winner '14   Dutch Champion
 Maastricht Intl Show (Ned)
  Ms S Vermeylen (Belg) *

 1st Champion Bitch, CAC, CACIB, BOB and  

 shortlisted in Group

 Maastricht Intl Show (Ned)
  Ms S Lazic (Lat)
 2nd Champion Bitch Res CAC, Res CACIB
 CFBB Speciality (Fr)
  Ms M Bidault (Fr) *
1st Champion Bitch, Best Champion Groenendael

 BSD Club of Ireland  


 Mr F Aertgeerts - Grimmenden (Belg) *
 1st Champion Bitch, GS, BOB, Best in Show
 National Wkg & Past (UK)
  Mrs L Salt - Woodlyn *
 1st Open Bitch
 NORBEL Club Show (UK)
  Mrs M Ten Cate (Ned) *
 1st Open Bitch, CC and Best of Breed
 BHCN Speciality (Ned) 
  Ms L Vassallo - del Alta Via (It) *
 1st Champion Bitch, CAC, BOB, Best in Show
 NORBEL Club Show (UK)
  Mr J Andersen - Eternity (Swe) *
 1st Open Bitch, CC and Res BOB
 BSDA of GB Club Show (UK)
  Mr S Strom (Swe) *
 1st Open Bitch, CC, BOB and Best in Show
 Paignton Ch Show (UK)
  Ms L Woodward *
  1st Open Bitch, CC and BOB
 National Wkg & Past (UK)
  Mrs T Burke - Tintigny *
  2nd Open Bitch
 NORBEL Club Show (UK)
  Mr B Thevenon (Fr) *
  1st Open Bitch
 Scottish Kennel Club (UK)
  Mrs Y Dudds *
  2nd Open Bitch, Res CC
 Birmingham National (UK)
  Mr S Mallard
  1st Open Bitch, CC and BOB
  Mrs J Clifford - Ebontide *
  1st Open Bitch, CC and Res BOB
 LKA Ch Show (UK)
  Dr M Pratten - Bergeau *
  1st Open Bitch, CC & BOB  UK Champion
 Amsterdam Winner (Ned)
 Mme A Heraly (Belg) *
  1st Ex Champion Female
 Midland Cos (UK)
 Mrs K Morris - Cairbar *
  4th Open Bitch
 Paignton Ch Show (UK)
  Mrs D Knight - Noirdale *
  4th Open Bitch
 BSDA Club Show (UK)
  Ms S Smith - Lebeau *
  4th Open Bitch
 Irish Ladies Ch Show
  Mr J McCartan
  1st Champion Bitch, GS, Res BOB, 1st Ch Stakes
  Windsor Ch Show (UK)
  Mr F Kane
  1st Open Bitch, Best Bitch, BOB
 World Show (Den)
  Mr G Christensen (Den) *

  1st Ch Bitch, CACIB, Best Bitch, Best of Breed


 NORBEL Club Show (UK)
  Mrs B Simpson - Leircote *
  2nd Open Bitch, Res CC
 BSD Club of Ire Speciality
  Mr G Christensen (Den) *
  1st Intermediate Bitch, Res GS
 Scottish Kennel Club (UK)
  Mrs D Stansbury *
  2nd Open Bitch, Res CC
 Hibernian Ch Show
  Mr J Walsh
  1st Champion Bitch, Res GS
 Birmingham National (UK)
 Mrs J Rual
 4th Open Bitch
  South Tipp Ch Show
  Mr J Reynolds (Can)
  1st Champion Bitch, GS and Res BOB
 Fermoy Int Ch Show
 Mrs G Gulgensen (NZ)
 1st Champion Bitch, GS, CACIB and BOB
 Banbridge Ch Show
 Mrs P Dempsey
 1st Champion Bitch, GS and BOB
 Combined Canine Int Show
 Mr T Bystrom (Nor)
 1st Champion Bitch, GS, CACIB, BOB, Group 4th
 Luxembourg Int Show
 Mr H Lekhonin (Fin)

 1st Champion Bitch, CAC, CACIB, Res BOB

 Luxembourg Champion

 IKC Celtic Winner
 Mr M Leonard
 1st Junior Bitch, GS, BOB, Celtic Winner '10
 Newtownards Ch Show
 Mr V O'Brien
 1st Junior Bitch, GS, Res BOB  Irish Champion
 LKA Ch Show (UK)
 Mrs M Spavin
 1st Junior Bitch
 Banbridge Ch Show
 Mrs E Robinson
 1st Junior Bitch, GS and BOB
 Belfast Ch Show (UK)
 Dr G Curr

 1st Puppy Bitch, BOB, Best Puppy, Pastoral Puppy

 Group 2nd

 Limerick Ch Show
 Mrs M Butler
 1st Puppy Bitch, GS and BOB
 Killarney Ch Show
 Ms A Ingram
 1st Puppy Bitch, GS and BOB
 Clonmel Ch Show
 Mrs G Morrison (SA)
 1st Puppy Bitch, GS, BOB and Puppy Stakes 1st
 Bangor Ch Show
  Mrs M Burke
 1st Puppy Bitch, GS and BOB
 National Wkg & Pastoral (UK)
 Ms J Ralph - Bonvivant *
 1st Puppy Bitch, CC, Res BOB, Best Puppy
 Dundalk Ch Show
 Mr S Peter (Ger)
 1st Puppy Bitch, GS, BOB and Group 3rd
 ILKA Ch Show
 Mr M Webb
 1st Puppy Bitch, Res GS and Puppy Stakes 3rd
 Bray Ch Show
 Mr S O'Brien
  1st Puppy Bitch, Res GS
 Deise Ch Show
 1st Puppy Bitch, Res GS
 Kilkenny Ch Show
 Mr A Roles (Aus)
 1st Puppy Bitch, Res GS
 Swords Int Ch Show
 Mrs A Edoff (Fin)
 1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy, Puppy Group 3rd
 Munster Canine Ch Show
 Mrs D Dineen
 1st Puppy Bitch, GS and BOB
 Mrs M Talvitie (Fin)
 Best Puppy Groenendael, Puppy Group 2nd
 BSD Club of Ireland Ch Show
 Mr D Spryut (Belg) *
 Best Puppy Groenendae, Best Puppy in Show
 Hibernian Ch Show
 Dr M Collins
 1st Puppy Bitch

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