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'nih-aitheantas go h-aointios' .... 'to know beauty one must live with it' " old Irish proverb

se, IR, GB, LUX , NED CH, WW-10, BISS

Revloch X Factor

Jun Ch, Joint An Ch'09, CW'10, World Winner '10

3rd Top Groenendael Bitch in the UK 2012
Best in Show Winner at the BSDA (GB) and BHCN (Ned) Specialities
CRUFTS Bitch CC Winner 2011 
BOB and  WORLD WINNER 2010, World Dog Show, Denmark 
Best Bitch Luxembourg International Show Mar 2010
Champion Stakes Winner Irish Ladies 2010
1st Special Junior Crufts 2010 
Joint Top Groenendael 2009
Top Groenendael Bitch 2010
9 CC's, 3 Res CC's



IR, GB, NED, LUX CH Diego du Pre du Vieux Pont at Revloch


Born: 08.11.08

Hips: 4:7 = 11

Eyes: Clear Jan '10

Seizure Free

Owned By:  Revloch


IR, GB, LUX CH Xanova Magique Noir avec Revloch

* Specialist Judge

Amsterdam Winner (Ned)
 Mrs L A Jensen (Den)
 1st Champion Bitch, CAC, CACIB, Amsterdam Winner '14   Dutch Champion
 Maastricht Intl Show (Ned)
  Ms S Vermeylen (Belg) *

 1st Champion Bitch, CAC, CACIB, BOB and  

 shortlisted in Group

 Maastricht Intl Show (Ned)
  Ms S Lazic (Lat)
 2nd Champion Bitch Res CAC, Res CACIB
 CFBB Speciality (Fr)
  Ms M Bidault (Fr) *
1st Champion Bitch, Best Champion Groenendael

 BSD Club of Ireland  


 Mr F Aertgeerts - Grimmenden (Belg) *
 1st Champion Bitch, GS, BOB, Best in Show
 National Wkg & Past (UK)
  Mrs L Salt - Woodlyn *
 1st Open Bitch
 NORBEL Club Show (UK)
  Mrs M Ten Cate (Ned) *
 1st Open Bitch, CC and Best of Breed
 BHCN Speciality (Ned) 
  Ms L Vassallo - del Alta Via (It) *
 1st Champion Bitch, CAC, BOB, Best in Show
 NORBEL Club Show (UK)
  Mr J Andersen - Eternity (Swe) *
 1st Open Bitch, CC and Res BOB
 BSDA of GB Club Show (UK)
  Mr S Strom (Swe) *
 1st Open Bitch, CC, BOB and Best in Show
 Paignton Ch Show (UK)
  Ms L Woodward *
  1st Open Bitch, CC and BOB
 National Wkg & Past (UK)
  Mrs T Burke - Tintigny *
  2nd Open Bitch
 NORBEL Club Show (UK)
  Mr B Thevenon (Fr) *
  1st Open Bitch
 Scottish Kennel Club (UK)
  Mrs Y Dudds *
  2nd Open Bitch, Res CC
 Birmingham National (UK)
  Mr S Mallard
  1st Open Bitch, CC and BOB
  Mrs J Clifford - Ebontide *
  1st Open Bitch, CC and Res BOB
 LKA Ch Show (UK)
  Dr M Pratten - Bergeau *
  1st Open Bitch, CC & BOB  UK Champion
 Amsterdam Winner (Ned)
 Mme A Heraly (Belg) *
  1st Ex Champion Female
 Midland Cos (UK)
 Mrs K Morris - Cairbar *
  4th Open Bitch
 Paignton Ch Show (UK)
  Mrs D Knight - Noirdale *
  4th Open Bitch
 BSDA Club Show (UK)
  Ms S Smith - Lebeau *
  4th Open Bitch
 Irish Ladies Ch Show
  Mr J McCartan
  1st Champion Bitch, GS, Res BOB, 1st Ch Stakes
  Windsor Ch Show (UK)
  Mr F Kane
  1st Open Bitch, Best Bitch, BOB
 World Show (Den)
  Mr G Christensen (Den) *

  1st Ch Bitch, CACIB, Best Bitch, Best of Breed


 NORBEL Club Show (UK)
  Mrs B Simpson - Leircote *
  2nd Open Bitch, Res CC
 BSD Club of Ire Speciality
  Mr G Christensen (Den) *
  1st Intermediate Bitch, Res GS
 Scottish Kennel Club (UK)
  Mrs D Stansbury *
  2nd Open Bitch, Res CC
 Hibernian Ch Show
  Mr J Walsh
  1st Champion Bitch, Res GS
 Birmingham National (UK)
 Mrs J Rual
 4th Open Bitch
  South Tipp Ch Show
  Mr J Reynolds (Can)
  1st Champion Bitch, GS and Res BOB
 Fermoy Int Ch Show
 Mrs G Gulgensen (NZ)
 1st Champion Bitch, GS, CACIB and BOB
 Banbridge Ch Show
 Mrs P Dempsey
 1st Champion Bitch, GS and BOB
 Combined Canine Int Show
 Mr T Bystrom (Nor)
 1st Champion Bitch, GS, CACIB, BOB, Group 4th
 Luxembourg Int Show
 Mr H Lekhonin (Fin)

 1st Champion Bitch, CAC, CACIB, Res BOB

 Luxembourg Champion

 IKC Celtic Winner
 Mr M Leonard
 1st Junior Bitch, GS, BOB, Celtic Winner '10
 Newtownards Ch Show
 Mr V O'Brien
 1st Junior Bitch, GS, Res BOB  Irish Champion
 LKA Ch Show (UK)
 Mrs M Spavin
 1st Junior Bitch
 Banbridge Ch Show
 Mrs E Robinson
 1st Junior Bitch, GS and BOB
 Belfast Ch Show (UK)
 Dr G Curr

 1st Puppy Bitch, BOB, Best Puppy, Pastoral Puppy

 Group 2nd

 Limerick Ch Show
 Mrs M Butler
 1st Puppy Bitch, GS and BOB
 Killarney Ch Show
 Ms A Ingram
 1st Puppy Bitch, GS and BOB
 Clonmel Ch Show
 Mrs G Morrison (SA)
 1st Puppy Bitch, GS, BOB and Puppy Stakes 1st
 Bangor Ch Show
  Mrs M Burke
 1st Puppy Bitch, GS and BOB
 National Wkg & Pastoral (UK)
 Ms J Ralph - Bonvivant *
 1st Puppy Bitch, CC, Res BOB, Best Puppy
 Dundalk Ch Show
 Mr S Peter (Ger)
 1st Puppy Bitch, GS, BOB and Group 3rd
 ILKA Ch Show
 Mr M Webb
 1st Puppy Bitch, Res GS and Puppy Stakes 3rd
 Bray Ch Show
 Mr S O'Brien
  1st Puppy Bitch, Res GS
 Deise Ch Show
 1st Puppy Bitch, Res GS
 Kilkenny Ch Show
 Mr A Roles (Aus)
 1st Puppy Bitch, Res GS
 Swords Int Ch Show
 Mrs A Edoff (Fin)
 1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy, Puppy Group 3rd
 Munster Canine Ch Show
 Mrs D Dineen
 1st Puppy Bitch, GS and BOB
 Mrs M Talvitie (Fin)
 Best Puppy Groenendael, Puppy Group 2nd
 BSD Club of Ireland Ch Show
 Mr D Spryut (Belg) *
 Best Puppy Groenendae, Best Puppy in Show
 Hibernian Ch Show
 Dr M Collins
 1st Puppy Bitch