Updated: 31.12.21


Belgian Shepherds and Schipperkes

The Title of Irish Champion
The number of Green Stars required for the Championship Title is seven, to be gained under seven different judges.
The dog must be graded Excellent or in the case of a puppy Very Promising, to challenge for the Green Star. Grading cards will be issued by the IKC.   Champions are eligible to challenge for the Green Star.  One Green Star must be won after the dog has reached the age of fifteen months.  There will be no enhancement for group wins.

The Title of Annual Champon
The title of Annual Champion in each breed is awarded to the dog with the highest number of Green Stars won in the calendar year ie 1st Jan – 31st Dec. In the event of a tie the award is made to the dog with the greatest number of Best of Breed wins.

The Title of Junior Champion
Awarded to the dog or bitch who has won five Junior Classes (with Excellent Grading)

The following dogs are/were either owned OR bred by us...


IR/UK CH Vanistica Giorgio
IR/UK CH Vanistica Parisien Moon An Ch 1992,’95
IR CH Vanistica Obsession An Ch 1994
UK CH Vanistica Revloch Chimmney Sweep
IR CH Revloch Geisha Girl
IR/UK CH Woodlyn Black Jack at Revloch An Ch 1996,’97,’98,’99,’00
IR/UK CH Revloch Notorious An Ch ‘02,’03,’04,’05
IR CH Revloch Jack Daniels of Shelair
IR CH Revloch New Edition of Nulikim
NOR CH Revloch Supertramp
IR/LUX/NED/GB CH Diego du Pre du Vieux Pont at Revloch An Ch 06,'07, '08; CW'06,'07, '09
IR CH Revloch Nina Ricci
IR/GB/LUX CH Xanova Magique Noir avec Revloch CW'07, NedW'07
IR CH Duchesse du Pre du Vieux Pont at Revloch CW'09
IR CH Vanistica Who's Who at Revloch
IR/GB/LUX CH, WW-10, BISS Revloch X Factor JUN CH Jt An Ch'09 CW'10
sr, se IR/GB/LUX/NED CH BISS Revloch Zidane
sr IR/GB/LUX/NED CH, BISS Revloch Bewitched
IR/GB CH Revloch Breizh du Pheonix
IR CH Revloch Cartier Jun Ch
IR/GB CH Revloch Celebrity Status

IR CH Revloch Commander in Chief Jun Ch

IR CH Revloch Champagne Charlie Jun Ch

IR CH Revloch Eurphoria Jun Ch

IR/ISRAELI/CRO/HUNG CH Revloch Could It Be Magic

GER VDH/DAN CH Revloch Cause For Applause

NOR/DAN CH Revloch Fiddlers Green

NED CH Revloch Funny Girl

IR/GB/NED CH Revloch Figo

IR CH Revloch Classic Edition

GB CH Revloch Xquisite of Fivannte

GB CH Revloch Enchanted Whisper

IR & GB CH Revloch Hocus Pocus

IR & GB CH Revloch Harry Potter

IR CH Revloch Lady in Red

IR/CH Revloch Love Me Do

GB CH Revloch Hot Like Java

GER/LUX CH Revloch Honey Trap

EST/INT CH Revloch Iniesta

IR CH Revloch Di Canio


IR CH Piplaurie More Gold

IR CH Lucy of Piplaurie
IR/UK CH Franhowil Huntsman
IR/UK CH Franhowil Beau at Revloch An Ch 1997, '98)
IR CH Franhowil Sapphire
INT/IR/UK CH Franhowil Frankieboy An Ch  2000
IR/GB/Ned/INT CH Franhowil Undiscovered Black Utopia NLW -05 An Ch '04
GB/IR/POL/NED/INT Revloch Coco Chanel CW '06; WW'06; WW'10
IR/INT CH Revloch Destiny's Child CJW'06; CW'07
IR/GB/INT CH Monterrez Guardian
IR/GB/LUX/INT CH Monterrez Jingle Belle for Hantraved

IR/GB CH Aradet Campari for Revloch


IR CH Zurkoi Mystic Dancer at Revloch


IR CH Lanaeken Savoire Faire
NOR/DAN/NED/LUX/IR/ GB CH Revloch O?Baoil An Ch '07 DK-03;NV-05;NLW-05;CW-06,'07
GB CH Revloch O'Riagain of Flambards
CH & GB CH Revloch Yabba Dabba Doo

AUS/NOR/DAN CH Revloch Yesterday
IR CH Jolie de la Belle Pitou at Revloch Jun Ch An Ch '13


IR CH Foxpits Northern Dancer (An Ch 1988)
IR CH Belamba Harvey Wallbanger (An Ch 1989, ?91)
IR/UK CH Belamba Irish Coffee
IR/UK CH Alcyon Reuilly Rose
IR CH Revloch Bella Donna (An Ch 1994)
IR CH Revloch First Option (An Ch 1995)
IR CH Revloch Incognito (An Ch 1998, ?99)
IR CH Monamour French Connection at Revloch
IR CH Revloch Millennium Babe of Nulikim
IR CH Zayra di Scottatura at Revloch (An Ch. ?04) CW?06
IR CH Revloch Ready to Rumble at Nulikim
IR CH Revloch Ready Teddy Go To Whitandon An Ch ?05, '07, '08) CW?06, '08, '09
IR CH Revloch Unique CJW '06; An Cn '06; CW'07
Nor Ch Revloch Rambling Rose
IR CH Revloch Wishful Thinking Jun Ch
IR/GB/LUX CH Revloch Wannabe Jun Ch
IR CH Revloch Won to Watch at Whitandon JUN CH
IR CH Revloch Zweet  JUN CH

IR CH Revloch Going For Gold

IR CH Revloch Gabriela

IR/GB CH Revloch Weather Girl of Fivannte

IR CH Revloch Just The Ticket

IR/IS/CR CH Revloch Juicy Couture

Australian Silky Terriers

IR/FIN/GBZ/LUX/INT CH Lonely Tunes Shalee Priority

IR/SWE/EST/INT CH Curiosity Flirt and Play at Revloch CJW'07; CW'07; AN CH '07,'08
IR/AM/EST/SWE/CRO CH Blackrange Shalee Priority EW'07
IR CH Sharhad Cat Bearlou at Revloch
IR/FIN/INT CH Curiosity All in One
IR CH Romwal Maid in Wales JUN CH, CW'10
IR/FIN CH Curiosity Pretty Princess
IR/AM CH Revloch Forum Favourite JUN CH
IR/FIN CH Curiosity Fine Valentine WW'11
IR CH Curiosity Fine Grumbling
IR CH Curiosity Whistle For Her JWW'11
IR CH Revloch Betsy Boo

IR CH Curiosity Love Affair

Multi Ch Revloch Curiosity In Cahoots

Multi Ch Curiosity Proving The Point