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'nih-aitheantas go h-aointios' .... 'to know beauty one must live with it' " old Irish proverb



MALES (owned/co-owned by Revloch)

Revloch Harry Potter

Revloch Figo

Revloch Dance in the Dark

Revloch Di Canio

Revloch Champagne Charlie

Revloch Zidane

Revloch Notorious

A Touch of Magic for Revloch Keren Shemesh

Diego du Pre du Vieux Pont at Revloch

MALES (owned by Others)

Revloch Ozzy Osbourne

Revloch Njinsky

Revloch Indianna Jones

Revloch In Cahoots with De Bruine Buck

Revloch Iniesta

Revloch In Demand

Revloch Fiddlers Green (Norway)

Revloch Classic Edition

Revloch Commander in Chief

Revloch Breizh du Pheonix

Revloch Xerox

FEMALES  (owned/co-owned by Revloch)

Revloch Obsession

Revloch Love Me Do

Revloch Isabella

Revloch Hocus Pocus

Revloch Euphoria

Revloch Celebrity Status

Revloch Cartier

Revloch Bewitched

Revloch Xquisite for Fivannte

Revloch X Factor

Duchesse du Pre du Vieux Pont

Xanova Magique Noir avec Revloch

FEMALES  (owned by others)

Revloch Lyric 'n' Lace

Revloch Karma

Revloch Honey Trap

Revloch Hot Like Java

Revloch Fashion

Revloch Funny Girl

Revloch Enchanted Whisper

Revloch Easy To Rumble

Revloch Cause for Applause

Revloch Could It Be Magic


MALES (owned/co-owned by Revloch)

Revloch Just The Ticket

Revloch Incognito

MALES (owned by Others)

Revloch Diamond in the Ruff

Revloch Ready Teddy Go To Whitandon

Revloch Ready To Rumble with Nulikim

FEMALES (owned/co-owned by Revloch)

Revloch Juicy Couture

Revloch Jewell in the Crown 

Revloch Wannabe

Revloch Wishful Thinking

Zayra di Scottatura at Revloch

Alcyon Reuilly Rose

Belamba Irish Coffee

Foxpits Northern Dancer

FEMALES (owned by Others)

Revloch Jewell in the Crown

Revloch Golden Girl

Revloch Gabrielle

Revloch Weather Girl of Fivannte 




MALES (owned/co-owned by Revloch) 

Revloch Mr Magoo

Revloch Yabba Dabba Doo

MALES (owned by Others)

Revloch O'Riagain

Revloch O'Maille

(owned/co-owned by Revloch)
Revloch Moulin Rouge
Aimee de la Terre Aimee

FEMALES (owned by Others)
Revloch Macy Gray